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2 Hour Family Benagil Caves Tour 

from Portimão

This excursion is ideal for your party of friends or family because it will give you access to private regions away from crowded tourist attractions. You can find everything on this tour!

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Algarve Wine Cruise 

Boat Tour with Wine Tasting and Tapas

Who likes to taste wine from Algarvian vineyards in combination with petiscos and ocean flair ... while stunning beaches and rock formations pass by?

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3 Hour ALEGRIA Benagil Caves and Coast Tour 

from Portimão

The perfect choice for families with children, groups and seniors. The Alegria has enough space to wander around, private toilets and is easy to get onto.

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2 Hour FARAWAY Benagil Caves and Coast Tour from Portimão

With easy access into several caves and the comfort of single seats, the Faraway tour boat rides quick but safe along the Algarve coast to Benagil.

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Carneirinho's Boat Trips takes you on a memorable sea voyage to Benagil!

This tour is ideal for your a group of friends or family as it will give you access to private regions away from the crowded tourist attractions. Small boat...great fun.

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Carneirinho’s Boat Tours
Gift Cards

The perfect gift for sea and nature lovers in your family or among friends. You choose the value of the gift card...and give a present that creates lifelong memories.

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2 Hour Sunset Benagil Caves and Coast Tour from Portimão

Carneirinho’s Boat Trips will take you on memorable maritime voyages with a breathtaking Sunset! Ideal for your party of friends or family

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Carneirinhos private Sunset Boat Tour to Benagil and along the Coast.

You will be dazzled by the more than 30 caves in the area, including the famous cave of Benagil! Book this colorful private boat tour for picturesque views and memories.

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2 Hour Celebration Event Benagil Caves Tour from Portimão

Feel the true experience of a wonderful boat trip while discovering the beauties of southern Portugal and create impressive memories in  Benagil Caves!

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Carneirinhos private Sunrise Boat Tour to Benagil and along the Coast.

The early bird catches the beautiful sunrise east of the Algarve coastline. The 7am Sunrise Boat Tour is a must for those that like to be out and about...earlier than the crowds.

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Please keep in mind that all tours are subject to availability and sea/weather conditions!

All tour operators check the local sea charts and warnings daily to secure the safest and most enjoyable Benagil experience.
Have a great time visiting the caves of Benagil and marveling at the coastline of the Algarve.